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We will soon have a seed sale of our utility token (RULE) as well as releasing our Golemz NFT as part of our community building initiative. RULE can be used to compete against other players or purchase items in game. Golemz will even battle against other Golemz in game for glory. Join our Discord or Telegram group to be notified of when these initiatives go live!

Supply: 1 Billion RULE

Seed Sale Coming Soon!

RRI: rule_rr1qdqrg9nmm0zm5q5uj8ckpvu6stav7spec9u6ps3n774q5jpkg4

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RULE is the utility token of Raduel. You will be able to use it for wagering against other players, purchasing items in game, and voicing your opinions through votes.

Seed sale (Coming Soon)

Soon we will be announcing the seed sale of RULE. A total of 5% will be put up for sale. The funds raised from the seed sale will go into providing liquidity for the token, enabling people to play, withdraw, support the ecosystem and allow us to build more games.

No Transaction Fees

There are NO fees or taxes added for the transferring (sending or receiving of RULE). You will only pay the fees of the network. We want to make it as easy and cheap as possible to use our token for playing against other players, sending to friends, purchasing NFTs.

Arcade Fees

If playing against opponents with no wager there are no fees. If you decide to play against an opponent and wager RULE, there is a 5% tax on the total wager. This tax is split between wallets that help support and develop the Raduel ecosystem. The breakdown is as follows: 2% to Liquidity, 2% to Foundation and Ecosystem Support, 0.5% to Community Development, and 0.5% to Overheads.


1 Billion RULE

RRI: rule_rr1qdqrg9nmm0zm5q5uj8ckpvu6stav7spec9u6ps3n774q5jpkg4


To protect the community, each wallet is a multi-sig wallet (requires two people to authorise any transaction). To further protect the community and integrity of Raduel, tokens are all locked up and cannot be withdrawn until they are released according to the vesting schedule.

Token Distribution

Team: 25%
Foundation and Ecosystem: 25%
Community Development: 12.5%
Liquidity: 5%
Marketing: 5%
Advisors: 2.5%
Overheads: 2.5%
Seed Sale: 5%
Private Sale: 7.5%
Public Sale: 10%


A Different Take

We have a slightly different take on NFTs for starting our project. Our NFTs will be redeemable in game to show off on your character. We want your NFTs to be usable and have real value.


High Energy / Anti-Material Sniper Rifle


A mini pet that follows you in game, and will eventually battle against other Golemz

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